Upgrade your car: Get these safety features!

Old car or new, the car upgrades available today make sure we have the best in technology available for our car. Cars today do come equipped with many features, but for those that don’t, here are a few safety features that you might do well to add.

Let’s check out some of these amazing safety features which can enhance your driving skills.

Reverse Camera

Rear view cameras are a part of many new vehicles. This feature enables the driver to safely manoeuvre the car without having to worry about damaging the rear end of the vehicle. If you’re driving with kids, this feature is very useful as you can get a wider, unhindered view of what’s behind your vehicle. The rear-view cameras are available in wired and wireless models with night vision and distance scale line features. TadiBrothers, QuickVu, Yada Digital and Rear View are some companies which manufacture this device and sell them for older cars through vendors. You can upgrade your car with any one of these devices.

Adaptive Headlights

The Adaptive Headlight feature is helpful when turning corners, especially in low lighting conditions. They better illuminate the corners along with the road. Based on how you steer the car, the adaptive headlight will redirect the light beams.

Forward Collision Warning System

A forward collision warning system will tell you if you’re too close to a car. It will scan the area ahead and give you an indication to stop. This tool would be helpful for new drivers who have to drive through congested traffic clogged roads.

Blind Spot Warning

We all have to turn our heads on the highways to check the blind spot while trying to change a lane. The Blind Spot Warning system aids you by giving a prompt when a vehicle enters your vehicle blind spot zone. If you upgrade your car with blind spot warning system, then it will alert you while you merge into traffic and change lanes on the highways.

High Beam Assist

When a high beam hits a driver’s eye consistently it can be distracting, and it makes it difficult to focus on the road. A distracted driver may end up hitting an animal or an object. The High Beam Assist detects an upcoming vehicle and dips the high beam to low beam as you cross the car.

These features provide additional assistance to the drivers, but they cannot replace alertness and presence of mind while driving.

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