When Do I Need New Tyres?

Tyres play a fundamental role in road safety, and they steer us right when we drive our vehicles through snow, slush, desert, water and rough terrains. We must thus regularly check for signs that might indicate we need new tyres. Our Cash for Cars Adelaide team helps you with these pointers.

Factors That Influence The Life Of Tyres

The life of a tyre can be anywhere between five to ten years. There are many factors which affect the wear and tear of a tyre such as weather conditions, road conditions, style of driving and neglecting tyre maintenance.

A long stretch of rocky unpaved roads, potholes, extreme heat, speeding, sudden braking and stray nails on the road could cause damage to the tyre.

Signs That Indicate You Need New Tyres.

Inspect Tyre Depth

Tyres carry tread wear indicators. By looking at them, you can find out if your tyres are worn out or not. The minimum tyre tread depth which is a must is 1.5mm., Anything below this is considered unsafe and illegal. If the tread wear indicators are worn out, then you immediately need new tyres. However, you should not wait for the tyres to wear out to this extent.

Inspection at regular intervals will reveal if you need new tyres. Check your user manual to find out the recommendation made by the manufacturer for changing your tyres.

Check Side Walls

The side walls of a tyre are usually thinner than the tread surface. If you notice cracks or a bulge on the sides of your tyres, that’s a definite sign that you need new tyres. It is unsafe to drive when there is a bulge on the tyre as it means there is some problem with the inner liner. It is best to replace the bulged tyre with the spare wheel if you’re mid-journey. You can get the tyre checked, repaired or replace it after reaching your destination.

Monitor Uneven Tyre Surface

If the wear and tear of a single tyre are uneven, it indicates that there may be an alignment issue or some other problem. An uneven tyre surface will not be able to make proper contact with the road. It may affect your braking, and you could experience vibrations while driving. It is not recommended to drive a vehicle with uneven tyres as it may lead to accidents. You will need new tyres if your old ones are uneven and completely worn out.

Do not Avoid Tyre Maintenance

Many people put off tyre maintenance for a later time as it doesn’t seem like a pressing issue. A regular inspection can prolong the life of a tyre. A mechanic can check for cracks in the tyres, lodged objects, damaged surfaces, damaged bead, damaged valve cap and tyre pressure. Depending on the condition of the tyres a mechanic can tell whether you need new tyres or if a maintenance service will be sufficient.

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