Go Green - Energy Conservation on the Road

Globally, individuals and organisations are acknowledging the fact that energy conservation is the need of the hour. We know that energy consumption at this rate could deplete our resources. For the greater good, each one of us must contribute towards saving energy. A simple contribution can be turning off an electric switch or a heater when not in use, and a  contribution at a higher level can be operating a manufacturing unit using energy saving devices. Our Cash for Cars Adelaide service, for example, uses the most effective methods to ensure energy conservation in our services.

We can conserve energy at home, office, and on the road. Saving energy on the road may sound confusing, but it is simpler than you imagine.

Energy Conservation Tips

We have got some tips that can not only save energy but also save money and help you keep your vehicle running in good health.

1.    Switch off the car engine if you are halting at a signal or a junction for more than thirty seconds. By switching off the engine, you save fuel, as the amount of time your car is in an idle state is reduced. Similarly, you can save fuel cost by turning the motor off and parking it on the side of the road while waiting to pick-up kids from a class or a friend from a mall.

2.    Drive safely by keeping the required distance between vehicles. Speeding, sudden and frequent acceleration and braking brings down the gas mileage derived from a vehicle. Fuel efficiency can be increased by driving safely, following speed limits, avoiding quick acceleration and braking.

3.   You must use cruise control while driving on a highway, or flat roads for a long time. When a car is on cruise control, it consumes less fuel as you drive at a steady speed and there is a continuous momentum that keeps the car moving. You may choose to go off cruise control on a hilly terrain as it may not be able to conserve much energy.

4.    A regular upkeep of your car will help save energy. Maintaining tyre pressure, regular engine tune-up, off-loading unnecessary objects from the car, cleaning air and oil filter on a regular basis will definitely add to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

5.    You can carpool to work by connecting with people. Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles heading towards a particular location. Therefore, carpooling is an effective method of conserving energy. By creating a plan and combining multiple activities in a single trip, you can save your energy fuel and time.

 We are sure to reap huge benefits by conserving energy and the environment through the consistent application of these small changes.