Where can I find good auto brake parts?

Pilot studies with roller brake testers in NSW suggest that about 1 in 10 cars has serious service brake faults. This has led to too many crashes and tragedies to ignore. It is easy to put off car maintenance or brake part service thinking it isn’t that bad yet, but not attending to them can pose a serious risk to you and your family members. Here are some helpful details:

Signs you should get your auto brake parts checked immediately.

·         You hear a loud grinding sound when you press down the brake pedal.

The reason behind the loud noise could be that your brake pads are worn out, or a lack of lubrication or it could be a problem with the brake rotors. You must get your auto brake parts checked as soon as you begin to hear a sound from them.

·         You are beginning to notice soft break pedals.

Soft braking could be due to fluid leakage, or you could be developing a problem in the master cylinder which requires your attention. Immediately consult with a technician.

·         The brake light engine is turned on.

First, switch off the parking brakes before diagnosing the reason behind the activation of the brake light. In most modern car’s brake light is turned on to indicate the need for a maintenance service. Certain times they can get turned on because the brake pads are worn out or due to low levels of brake fluid.

For your safety and your loved ones, it is essential to get your auto brake parts checked and repaired regularly.

You can buy original auto brake parts from a dealer or replace them with recycled parts from a recognised vendor such as Japanese Auto Spares.

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