Shopping for Second-Hand Car Parts - Checklist

A car is roughly estimated to be made up of 30,000 parts. Each time a vehicle retires in a wrecking yard, the volume of second-hand parts keeps increasing. All the parts within the vehicle which stand in the wrecking yard need not be damaged. A lot of these parts are in good condition. These are cleaned and sold as second-hand parts.

All situations do not warrant replacement with original new parts. Sometimes, buying second-hand parts can be a steal deal, especially if you are buying from an established vendor. Parts such as rims, tyres, taillights and transmission can be replaced with good quality second-hand parts.

Sometimes it's hard to find replacement pieces for classic, antique and sports vehicles. In such situations, you can visit a local wrecking yard as they will have older model vehicles as part of their inventory. If there is stock available, then you can pick the part, pay a reasonable price and walk out with a near new replacement part.

Things To Consider Before Buying Second-Hand Car Parts

1.    Certain vehicle components have a limited shelf life. Reusing them may not significantly extend the life of your vehicle.  Components such as the brake plates, oil and air filters, suspension and wiper blades can be replaced with newer pieces to extend vehicle life.

2.    Compare component pricing among different vendors before deciding to buy a part. Sometimes you can find a second-hand part for half the price in a wrecking yard than what is listed on a website.

3.    Check with the vendor whether you have an option to exchange a damaged piece after purchase. Ask the seller if they offer any warranty on the second-hand parts which are available for sale.

4.    Find out the part number or carry the old piece with you when going to purchase a second-hand part. Bringing this information will help you match the right part to your vehicle.

5.     You must check for faults within the pieces before purchase. You should look for signs of cracks, rust, and check for any issues in the joint areas while buying replacement parts. 

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