5 Things You Need to Know About Buying Second-Hand Car Parts

Where do you buy second hand parts? What should you keep in mind when buying? Who can you trust? These questions on your mind?  If yes, then read on. If they aren’t on your mind, well they should be; we know good second hand parts are hard to find.

 Here’s our recommendation of the 5 things you should check for before buying second-hand car parts

1.  Research about the part you want to replace:

You must know the name of the part, the part number, or vehicle identification number (VIN) which can help them identify the part you are looking to replace. Prior knowledge of how the part looks and functions will help you assess the quality of the second-hand car parts after purchase. By making an informed buy, you can avoid return trips to the store.

2.  Check for parts availability:

Second-hand car parts are usually recycled and now ready to be used. The parts which are recycled are usually taken out of old cars in the warehouse. It therefore might not be readily available or in stock with the dealer at all times. It is best you call or email the seller and check if they have the second-hand car parts you’re looking for.

3.  Does the vendor offer a warranty on used parts?

Before buying a used part, it is prudent that you ask if the part is covered under warranty. Many established sellers test second-hand car parts and offer a limited warranty on certain parts. You must find out at the point of sale which parts can be exchanged under warranty.

4.  Find out if the sellers pricing is reasonable:

The main reason for buying a recycled car part is that it saves you money. A price comparison with other dealers can help you estimate a fair price for a used part. You can get a quote from companies like Japanese Auto Spares by giving us a call or sending us an email.

5.  Always buy from a reputed vendor:

An established vendor will offer quality products at a fair price and provide excellent customer service. Some vendors overcharge the customers. Therefore, you must choose an established provider to buy second-hand car parts. We at Japanese Auto Spares are well experienced and can help you out here.

We hope that by following these tips, you are ready to go shopping for used car parts. We'll give you a helping hand to get just the parts that you need - give us a ring now!