Japanese Car Festivals You Simply Must Go To!

The Japanese love their cars, and it’s evident from the way they build them.

Not only do they manufacture brilliant machines as a part of their culture, but they also enjoy and embrace the beauty of the cars.

A glance at Japanese Car Culture

The Japanese car culture is noticeable from their car meets at locations such as the Tatsumi and Daikoku parking area. These gatherings are not organised events, it’s a place where locals gather to display their cars with pride. Some of the Japanese cars are customised, and the tuners bring their creations here to share it with the other locals who may love them as much as they do. If you are a visiting Yokohama or Kawasaki you can drive to these locations and get a glance of these stunning, stylish Japanese cars.

The Japanese Car Festivals that you must visit!

As a tourist who is visiting Japan you may have a list of places you want to see, such as the ancient shrines, Kyoto gardens, and the view of Mt Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi. However, if you’re a car enthusiast and have a day or two to spare, then you can visit one of the car circuits or Japanese car festivals. It’s a visual treat for all car lovers. Some of the well-known Japanese car festivals are: 

  • Motor Fan Festa
  • Tokyo Auto Salon (held in January)
  • The Japanese Grand Prix
  • Tokyo Motor Show (October- November).

These festivals see a fusion of brands with cars from Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Varis, Honda, Toyota and HKS. You can spend a whole day staring at the cars which are on display, and some may even offer a free ride to the audience for a limited time.

Do you have a need for Speed?

As a car admirer who loves speed, you can also get tickets to attend any of the race series which are held by D1GP or Super GT. Japan is spread across a large area, and it may not be possible for you to visit a car circuit which is far away. Don’t let it disappoint you though, because there are close to 20 car circuits in Japan. The popular ones are the Suzuka Circuit, Fuji Speedway, Okayama International Circuit and Ebisu Circuit. Try to rent a car while visiting these locations as they are a bit away from the city. So, allow yourself to unwind, explore and enjoy the Japanese car festivals. 

Got any other recommendations for Japanese Car Festivals? Hit us in the comments below with your suggestions!