Why Our Car Wreckers Give You the Most Cash for Cars

Have you bought and sold a car? If you have, then you know the trouble a person has to go through to get the right buyer or seller.

If the sale of a car in good condition takes that much effort then an old, damaged or wrecked car is definitely harder to sell. At Car Wreckers Adelaide, we understand the tedious process and have laid out a super smooth path through which you can sell your car within a few hours.

You need to follow three quick steps:

  1. Tell us about your vehicle

  2. Receive a cash quote

  3. Schedule a car pickup and accept cash payment

As easy as 123!

What makes us different from the other car wreckers?

Technology and Skills

Car wreckers Adelaide technicians have the skills that allow them to extract many parts efficiently out of the vehicle. Our wrecking yard is highly equipped to handle any type of car, be it an SUV, 4x4, commercial vehicle or Ute. Car Wreckers Adelaide is in this business for a long time, and we can get the maximum value out of your car, because of which we are able to offer you the most cash for your car.

Organized Systematic Approach

Right from the first moment you call us to the end, our technicians are well versed in the process. Once a car is collected for wrecking, it will be completely dismantled for parts. These parts are refurbished and are made available for purchase. Those components which do not get refurbished will be recycled excepting a few hazardous materials. The condition of your car doesn’t matter to us because our expertise in this area will always help us find the most value out of your vehicle.

Premium Service

It’s hard to give away a car that you have driven, but our fast removal service makes it easier for you. The Car Wreckers Adelaide staff communicates clearly and quickly with its customers regarding scheduling, payment and paperwork. Our friendly staff during business hours is available to answer any doubts you have regarding the wrecking process.

So, give us a call to know what you can get for your vehicle! Click below to get your instant online quote!