"Grand Theft Auto" Adelaide Style!

The new entrant in the gaming community is from the South of Australia - the yet to launch open-world racing game from P Platers focuses on our very own Adelaide.

Liam Kennan is creating the video game that will allow the user to hoon through the streets of Adelaide in a style similar to the Grand Auto Theft game series. The creator has chosen Adelaide as the backdrop where the gamers will be able to seek the thrill of adventure in the familiar streets of Adelaide. The task to accomplish may be a hoon race or a break-in to unravel a conspiracy. The P Platers team are developing the game gradually as it requires the virtual creation of various suburbs of Adelaide.


Behind the Scenes

The P Plater team is trying to capture the astounding beauty of the skylines, River Torrens, and suburban areas of Adelaide such as Gawler, Smithfield, Willaston, Blackwood, and Muno Para. In the game, the gamers can ride the metro trams, Kombi vans or a bike and whizz around the city while trying to complete the adventure. Cruising along the home streets of Adelaide promises to bring back nostalgic memories for the users based on their personal experience. UDK powers the game.

The P Plater team is trying to encapsulate Adelaide realistically in the game, but the process of transformation is slow as they have to invest a lot of time to script, build and create 3 D models of every element of the game.  The P Plater team is engaged and responsive towards its Facebook followers and tries to provide regular updates for gaming enthusiasts. The members are also supportive and actively participate by making donations of parts and valuable opinions. The P Plater team was recently seeking user suggestions on the addition of a Zombie mode in the game. Interesting stuff!


Worth the Wait?

We do not have a confirm release date yet, but gamers can expect a release sometime later this year. With its enthusiastic followers and dedicated team working towards creating a thrilling gaming experience, this is a game worth waiting for!


What do you think? Looking forward to it? What are the capabilities you would like to see? Any of your favourite locations that you would like to see in the game? Shoot out your ideas in the comments below.