Recycling Car Parts in Adelaide – 5 Car Parts That Don’t Have to Die!

Everyone loves the earth and its beauty, but with a growing population and increasing transportation needs, the manufacture of new car parts is causing quite a bit of harm to the environment. So how do we fulfil our transportation needs and still be concious about our environment? RECYCLE!

Let’s explore five car parts in Adelaide that can be recycled and reused.


1. Transmission box and Engine:

A well-built engine and transmission box which has undergone regular maintenance can have a life of up to ten years. If you are considering replacing a damaged engine or gear box, you can check with a supplier of car parts in Adelaide  if they have an engine in a good reusable condition. Recycled engine parts can be as efficient as the original manufactured parts, if not more. Reusing car parts is a great cost-effective alternative in increasing the shelf life of the existing vehicle.


2. Tyres:

When we pay cash for cars, we do that because we know we can recycle car parts in Adelaide and contribute to the recycling revolution with the simplest of car parts. Rubber tyres are a great example. After recycling, the tyre in rubber can be changed into asphalt pavement, shoe soles, conveyer belts and mats.Tyres are reusable around the home as planters, swing, sandbox and dog beds. It can take a tyre 50-80 years to decompose, so recycling rubber tyres is a great eco-friendly solution.


3. Motor Oil:

Motor oil from your car can be repurposed into hydraulic oil and fuel for industrial use. A recycling unit will be able to accept used motor oil which is kept in a clean container with a lid.


4. Glass:

A recycling car parts in Adelaide store forwards shattered glass to a recycling plant for processing. An auto windshield is made up of plastic and glass and they are transformed into products such as bowls, vases, carpet glue through recycling. So next time bring in the glass to the store to repurposed.


5. Water Pump:

A water pump plays a vital role in circulating the coolant in the engine system. Water pumps are built to take a heavy load of work but at the same time are also recycle friendly objects.


By recycling car parts in Adelaide, we contribute to the environment buy eliminating the harmful disposal of hazardous wastes and saving natural resources in the bargain. So let’s recycle, reuse and care for the environment. Give us a call if you need to sell your scrap car or you are looking for good car parts in Adelaide.